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Singalong Concerts



Rise Again Tour. When Rise Again was released in September 2015 Annie performed with her life partner and co-editor Peter Blood in over 60 singalong concerts celebrating the release of Rise Again (see Locations).

Annie & Peter continue to lead singalongs and workshops together on occasion. However, Annie is going on tour on her own more often these days while Peter is focusing his energy on working for Climate Justice and doing religious education with Quakers. 

In many of our concerts we have been joined by a wonderful array of other performers who have songs in the new book. These great artists have joined us for one or more of our concerts: Lou & Peter Berryman, Tom Chapin, emma's revolution, Bev Grant, Bill Harley, Kim & Reggie Harris, Joe Jencks, Charlie King, Magpie, John McCutcheon and many more!  Full performers list  

We have focused our concerts on building hope, resilience and resistance. We stand with people of color, immigrants, women and the LGBTQ community - all facing great threats to their dignity and safety today. 

Upcoming tours:

CALIFORNIA 2018 Annie is touring in CA in Oct-Nov 2018. Peter will join her for parts of this tour.

Past tours:

Justice for All Tour with blues-gospel-activist Lea Gilmore in April 2017

Hope & Strength Tour in Ohio and Indiana in August 2017

Hope & Courage Tour in Texas in March 2018 with concerts in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and South Central Yearly Meeting of Friends.

Rise Up Singing Tour to Canada in April 2018 with concerts in Guelph, Hamilton, London, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal - and workshops in Guelph and Ottawa.


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