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Enfield Shaker Singers

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The Enfield Shaker Singers are a vocal ensemble of adults and young people devoted to the study and performance of Shaker music.

They rehearse in Enfield, New Hampshire, often in the room that was the meetingroom or worship space of the Enfield Shakers.

For 140 years a Shaker community lived and worshipped in this rural New Hampshire village. The Shaker testimony was first preached in Enfield in 1782, and it was maintained until the last group of Shaker Sisters relocated to Canterbury, NH in November 1923.

The Enfield Shaker Museum now preserves the core of the village as a historic site. Enfield Shaker Vilage is the Singers' favorite rehearsal and performance venue. They are grateful for their association with the museum and this Shaker site and find it inspiring to sing Shaker music in one of the places where it originated.



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