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Johnny Cash

Primary Song Genres: 

Songs Composed

Song Videos

Angel Band RUS: Gospel p. 92
As Long As the Grass Shall Grow
The Ballad of Ira Hayes
Banks of the Ohio RUS: Hard p. 99
Battle of New Orleans RUS: America p. 1
Big Rock Candy Mountain RUS: Rich p. 180
Bird on the Wire RA: Healing p. 119
Blowin' In the Wind RUS: Hope p. 115
Camptown Races RUS: America p. 2
Careless Love RUS: Mountain p. 143
Casey Jones (orig.) RUS: Travel p. 230
Cat's in the cradle RA: Family p. 62
Deportee RUS: Farm p. 50
Do Lord RUS: Spirituals p. 208
Father and Son RA: Family p. 63
Folsom prison blues RA: Country p. 21
Folsom prison blues RA: Country p. 21
Forever young RA: Time p. 270
Frankie and Johnny RUS: Hard p. 100
The gambler RA: Country p. 21
Ghost riders in the sky RA: Farm p. 70
Girl from the North Country RA: Travel p. 278
Grandfather's Clock RUS: Time p. 224
Guess things happen that way RA: Country p. 22
Guess things happen that way RA: Country p. 22
He'll understand & say well done RA: Gospel p. 113
Heart of Gold
Here Comes That Rainbow Again
Hey Good Looking RA: Country p. 22
I Can't Help But Wonder RUS: Travel p. 234
I Saw the Light RA: Gospel p. 114
I Still Miss Someone RUS: Love p. 125
I walk the line RA: Country p. 22
If I Had a Hammer RUS: Struggle p. 215
If you could read my mind love RA: Love p. 152
In the Jailhouse Now RA: Blues p. 11
Jackson RA: Country p. 23
Jackson RA: Country p. 23
Jesse James RA: Rich p. 225
Keep on the Sunny Side RUS: Good p. 87
The L and N Don't Stop Here Anymore RUS: Mountain p. 147
Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream RUS: Peace p. 161
Life Is Like a Mountain Railroad RUS: Gospel p. 95
Long Black Veil RUS: Hard p. 102
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down RUS: America p. 3
Peace In the Valley RUS: Peace p. 163
Pick a Bale of Cotton RUS: Farm p. 56
Ring of fire RA: Country p. 25
Ring of fire RA: Country p. 25
Satisfied Mind RUS: Rich p. 185
Sweet Betsy from Pike RA: Farm p. 73
Swing Low Sweet Chariot RUS: Spirituals p. 212
Tennessee Stud RUS: America p. 5
The Twentieth Century is Almost Over RA: Time p. 274
Wabash Cannonball RUS: Travel p. 236
You Are My Sunshine RUS: Golden p. 83
Best Concrete