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Online Sing - Southern California

It's too late to send you a link for today's concert so we're going to trust you! Here is the zoom link. Please go to riseupandsing.org/donate and just give us whatever you feel like as a donation after the concert. Thank you for your support!

LIVE NOW (Monday 3-4pm EDT) on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RiseUpAndSing1/live_videos/

Set list for last concert

The COVID pandemic may keep us physically apart, but it can't stop us being together online!

Join Annie & Peter for this very special live singing event on Zoom. TIME ZONE. 
Note that the time of 3-4pm are in Pacific Daylight Time. (This is 6-7pm EDT in Eastern US and Canada). 

Annie & Peter will lead you in songs out of their songbooks Rise Up Singing and Rise Again, giving out page #s from their books for each song. This Zoom concert will include fun interactive elements and chances to sing familiar and new songs with these premiere songleaders. You an email song requests out of either book and we'll try to fit them into the set: info@riseupandsing.org

We can't hear each other sing online but you can join in singing from your home let by Annie's strong and rich voice. 

Annie and Peter are beloved across North America for their ability to bring others together in singing events like this one. 

NEED A BOOK? Take advantage of our special offer to mail you a 7x10 copy of either or both books via priority mail at a special rate. 

Because it uses a USPS flat mail envelope, this offer is restricted to our smaller size (7x10) songbooks only. (To order our larger 9x12 songbooks please order via the usual manner via: www.riseupandsing.org/songbooks. Note that media rate shipments are significantly delayed in this period and may not arrive before this event.)

ZOOM LINK: After you buy your ticket(s) ("Be generous! Be affordable!) you will be emailed a link to the concert (broadcast live via Zoom).

Aug 30 2020 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
broadcast via Zoom
United States
Judi Oehman
(818) 618-9960
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