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Sing Out the Vote - Midwest

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Concert set list

**THIS SHOW HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.** You are still welcome to donate by buying a ticket or going DONATING NOW to Movement Voter Project.

And we still have three more shows this week riseupandsing.org/vote  Help us spread the word or come to another show!

I'd sing out justice
I'd sing out a warning
I'd sing out love between my brothers & my sisters
All over this land
- Pete Seeger & Lee Hayes, 1949 ("If I Had a Hammer")

  • We are at a crossroad as a nation. Will we continue relying on leadership that spreads fear, resentments, and untruths - or move towards restoring the earth and assuring justice for all?
  • A critical issue this election will be how voters committed to change are energized and able to vote. We can make a difference.
  • We are holdig five online concerts like this one focusing on key swing states like this one focused Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota & Iowa. These concerts will raise funds for grassroots organizations that have a proven track record in mobilizing voters who can make change happen with their votes.
  • Links for all 5 concerts is at riseupandsing.org/vote

Please join us for this live online Singalong Concert on Friday, September 25th at 7:00 pm CENTRAL / 8:00 pm EASTERN time. This concert features musician activists Annie Patterson & Peter Blood, the creators of Rise Up Singing and Rise Again.

Your ticket will help fund these grassroots groups funded by Movement Voter Project. Find out more about MVP at https://movement.vote or give now to MVP HERE .
100% of donations to MVP go to grassroots groups getting out the vote in swing states. A portion of ticket prices from this benefit concert will also go to Annie and Peter's work of creating social justice through music.

  • Buy a ticket now - we will email you a Zoom link for the concert. (To complete your ticket purchase order click on the "BUY NOW" button at the bottom of the left hand column.)
  • If you have a copy of our songbooks Rise Up Singing and/or Rise Again you can sing along from home.
  • Or buy one or both books now along with your ticket. Price includes shipping via priority mail. A portion of any songbooks sold on this event page goes to MVP.
  • This concert will focus on grassroots organizing to put these states in the "W" column for Biden-Harris and win the senate race in Iowa. But you are welcome to join us for any of the Sing Out the Vote concerts for MVP listed at riseupandsing.org/vote.

Please help us spread the word about these concerts. Help us create hope in this scary time, build community, and win back this country!

Sep 25 2020 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
online via Zoom
United States
Sue Cairn
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