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A Time to Sing!: Historical 1984 Live Concert Recording - is again available!

Holly, Arlo, Ronnie & Pete reunited in this historical live recording, expanded to two CDs and containing 26 songs and wonderful storytelling, including 13 songs not on the original LP.

When the original recording was released on vinyl, the out-takes were stored away on tape in a vault. So when Holly got ready to reissue the recording as a CD (Appleseed Recordings, 2001), she remembered all the songs and stage banter that hadn't fit on to the original LP and decided they would be a great addition as a beautiful slice of history, that is also powerful and contemporary.

Here, Pete and Ronnie are at their spectacular best. Holly and Arlo, singing with their mentors, bring great humor and tenderness.

Disc One

  1. O Mary Don't You Weep
  2. Somos El Barco (Lorre Wyatt)
  3. Singing wtih You (w: Holly Near, m: Jeff Langley)
  4. Oh Mom
  5. Emma (Holly Near)
  6. You and Me
  7. Mothers, Daughters, Wives (Judy Small)
  8. What's Going On / Foolish Notion
  9. Jacob's Ladder
  10. Take Back the Night
  11. The Water Is Wide
  12. City of New Orleans (Steve Goodman)
  13. Wimoweh

Disc Two

  1. Twelve Gates to the City
  2. Fine Time (w: Holly Near, m: Jeff Langley)
  3. Icycle Blue (w: Holly Near, m: Jeff Langley)
  4. Ghannu Ma'i
  5. Tarantella
  6. All Over the World
  7. Small Business Blues
  8. Estadio Chile (w: Victor Jara, m: Pete Seeger)
  9. Guantanamera (w: Jose Marti)
  10. Mr. Tamourine Man (Bob Dylan)
  11. Good for the World (w: Holly Near, m: Jeff Langley)
  12. Pallet on the Floor
  13. Singing for Our Lives (Holly Near)
Double CD Set