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New "Hope Changes Everything" t-shirts

These t-shirts are a collaborative project between us and Emma's Revolution. Wear this tee as a way of proclaiming your commitment to help keep hope strong in this challenging time!

The front of the tee features the key line from the refrain of the song "Sing People Sing", written by our friends Pat Humphries & Sandy O (of Emma's Revolution) about Pete Seeger. (This great song appears in the "Sing People Sing" of Rise Again about music and musicians.)

The back displays the slogan "2 songbooks, 2400 songs, one world.” - celebrating our songbooks Rise Up Singing and Rise Again.


They come in two styles:

Women's (with a deeper scoop neck) and

Men's/Unisex (with a smaller neck opening).

Both styles are printed on 100% cotton - "Fine Jersey Tees" from the socially responsible clothing company Royal Apparell: Made in the US, no sweatshop labor.

Both styles come in 2 colors: purple and black (black tees are 100% organic cotton).

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