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Online concerts with Annie

Singing now (Monday May 18th at 3pm EDT) at https://www.facebook.com/RiseUpAndSing1/videos/2563249757325480/

Online concerts each week (see below for details). Although you should be able to reach the live concert at the links below, we also post direct links to the events here 10-15 minutes before each concert.

("easy link" to this page: groupsinging.org/live)

Monday Family Singalongs:

  • What: Sing along with Annie from the Rise Up Singing and Rise Again songbooks
  • When: Each Monday 3-4 pm EDT
  • Where: Our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/RiseUpAndSing1/  (you should be able to log into these concerts even if you do not have a Facebook account)
  • How: Grab a copy of Rise Up Singing and/or Rise Again if you have them so you can sing along. Annie gives out the book and page number where the song is. You can put requests in the "chat" feed. 
Wednesday Live Concert: 

(Annie's concert on 4/22 was an Earth Day special - find it posted on our YouTube channel above.)

FOR TIPS: Make a donation for these concerts at www.riseupandsing.org/donate. Thank you!

Please "like" our Facebook page while you're there! And subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Missed a concert? Previous concerts are posted on the sites above.

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