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The Mourning Road to Thanksgiving

This is the story of a holiday engrained in American history. It challenges the narrative and conceptions we have of American history and exposes the untold stories and scars of our past. This heart-opening narrative is about a 40-year old Native American man furious since childhood about the treatment of his people since the landing of the Mayflower. He sets off on an quest to heal himself and Native people everywhere. The journey moves beyond a litany of hardship and loss revealing the healing spirit within all of humankind. 

All receipts for this book beyond shipping and what is paid to the author go to support Ohketeau Cultural Center  Information at: https://www.ohketeau.org/

Mann discusses his book: https://youtu.be/YATDN9SlR2U  Mann discusses his book with Sen. Jo Comerford https://youtu.be/wQHVSC3jYt8

Mann’s groundbreaking novel is a 2015 WordCraft Circle of Honors Winner for Young Adult Fiction, Appropriate for ages 16 and up and for use as faith communities continue to wrestle with issues around systemic racism.

Paperback 210 pp. http://www.whisperingbasket.com/  

Larry Spotted Crow Mann
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