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Carry It On Fund


The Seegers inspired us and gave us hope by working tirelessly for peace, social justice, and to protect the earth. They helped folk music and community singing to flourish. They offered enormous assistance to thousands of activists and musicians. Many seek to carry forward their work. A new fund called the Carry It On Fund has been created which celebrates the lives of Pete & Toshi Seeger and supports those carrying on their work.

Where do funds go? This fund distributes contributions towards organizations that embody Pete & Toshi's values & vision. The Seegers were involved in a host of organizations and causes during their lifetimes. This fund not only honors the Seegers but also shines a light on groups that are carrying forward their important work.  

Some of the organizations that do work they believed in and/or supported include:

Advisory Board. An advisory board is responsible for selecting organizations that will receive grants each year from the fund. Initial members of the advisory board include:

  • David Bernz
  • Debbie Block
  • Kim Harris 
  • Reggie Harris
  • Charlie King
  • John McCutcheon
  • Annie Patterson
Where do funds come from? Many concerts and singalongs have been held across North America since Pete's death celebrating his life and work. The Carry It On Fund welcomes funds raised at concerts and other events celebrating The Seegers. It also receives fully tax-deductible contributions from anyone who believed in what the Seegers stood for.

Tax-deductible contributions made out to "Carry It On Fund" can be mailed now to: Carry It On Fund, 42 Jenks St., Amherst, MA 01002

Organizational structure. This fund is a project of Creative Thought & Action, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Western Massachusetts, recognized by the IRS to receive tax-deductible charitable donations. The board of CTA has legal responsibility for the fund but distributes grants based on the recommendations of the advisory board. 

Website.  For more information visit us at https://carryiton.org. You can watch for more details about the fund and ways others can get involved or make online donations to it. Contact: carryitonfund@gmail.com