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Songs about Pete and Toshi

There have been many wonderful songs written about Pete! Here are some we know about. Send us more and we'll add them to the list...

High Over the Hudson by Reggie Harris. (In the video above you can see how Kim & Reggie take lines from Pete's song "Of Time & River Flowing" and sing them after each chorus of Reggi's song.)

It's Pete by Peggy Seeger

Sing People Sing by Pat Humphries & Sandy O (of Emma's Revolution)

Spoon of Sand by Charlie King

We'll Pass Them On by Sally Rogers

The Voice of Pete by Paul Kaplan

Comin' Round the Mountain (Thanks Pete!) by Sandy Pliskin

It Shoulda Been Pete by Pat Lamanna (about how Pete should have been given the Nobel Peace Prize)

Singer of Songs by Pat Lamanna (also honors other folksingers who have influenced her like Dylan, Ochs, Paxton, David Roth) 

Keep Him Singing by Pat Lamanna

Sing Like Pete by Ray Korona

Man of Song by Mark Levy

Happy Birthday, Pete by Joseph Camuglia

Keep On ( For Old Pete) by Silent Bear  

For Pete's Sake by Terry Moore

Voice Among Our People  words by William Phillips, music by Gordon Bok

And a poem for Pete:
Stand and Sing by Karen Warinsky

Pete's own song for Toshi:
A Little a' This 'n That (in our new Seeger songbook If I Had a Hammer)


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