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College Park QM set list (May 2021)

This was a singalong concert we did for College Park Quarterly Meeting on May 14, 2021

Plant Me a Garden (Sally Rogers) - RA "Peace" p206

Mama Don’t Allow (trad.) - RUS "Creativity' p24

Put Your Finger in the Air (Woody Guthrie) - RUS "Play" p176

Woke Up This Morning (trad.) - RUS "Freedom" p64

Two Hands Hold the Earth (Sarah Pirtle) - RA "Earthcare" p51

We Will Build This House (Sally Rogers) - RA "Family" p68

Turning of the World (Ruth Pelham) - RUS "Unity" p242

We Shall Be Known (Karen Longaker of MaMuse)

Roseville Fair (Bill Staines) - RUS "Love" p104

Get Up & Go (Pete Seeger) - RUS "Time & Changes" p223

Waltzing with Bears (Dr Seuss et al) - RUS "Funny Songs" p76

Precious Friend (Pete Seeger) - RUS "Friendship" p67

Midnight Special (Leadbelly) - RUS "Hard Times" p102

It Isn’t Nice (Malvina Reyolds) - RUS "Freedom" p61

Still on the Bridge (Claudia Schmidt)

A Healing in This Night (Bob Franke)

Lonesome Valley (Woody Guthrie) - RUS "Faith" p44

Turn! Turn! Turn! (Pete Seeger) - RUS "Time & Changes" p228