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SCQM November 2020 set list

Woke Up This Morning  RUS p. 64 - in D  

Let the Sun Shine Down on Me  RA Gosp p.115 - by Jean Ritchie 

Plant Me a Garden RA Peace p.206 - by Sally Rogers

God bless the Grass  RUS Eco pg. 35 - by Malvina Reynolds

Sending you Light  RA Healing p.124 - by Melanie DeMore

Hold On - RUS Freedom p.60

I Won’t Stop ‘til I See Justice - by Peter Blood

Two Hands Hold the Earth  RA p.51  - by Sara Pirtle 

Hand Upon Your Heart  RA Lullabies p.159 - by Patricia McKernon

Rainbow Connection  RA Dream p.39

Hymn to the Russian Earth  RUS Sacred Rounds pg.195 - Paul Winter Consort

Dona Dona  RUS Struggle p.214 

Still on the Bridge - in D  

Michael Row  RUS Free p.62 (not on songsheet) 

It Isn’t Nice  RUS Free p.61- by Malvina Reynolds

Safe from Harm  RA Ballads p.2 - tune: trad. Scottish, lyrics: Annie Patterson

Water Is Wide  RUS Ballads p15 - trad. Scottish