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Springfield - Delco United

This concert (held on Monday, June 19, 2017) was part of the 4th anniversary celebration for Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy

(all songs are in the songbook Rise Again unless otherwise noted as "RUS" for Rise Up Singing)

Woke Up this Morning (RUS Freedom p.64)If You Want Peace - Work for Justice (Peace p.203)

Hallelujah (Wheatley) (Family p.63)

Plant Me a Garden (Peace p.206)

I Am a Wanderer (Travelin’ p2.79)

Gonna Take Us All  (Healing p.202)

Vine & Fig Tree (RUS Sacred Rounds)

Knocking on Heaven’s Door / Throw The Guns Away (Healing p.122)

Let It Be (RUS Hope)

Quite Early Morning (Peace p.207)

Glory of Love (Golden Oldies p.99)

I Stand for Love (Hope p.135)

Well may the world go (Travelin’ p.282)

What a Wonderful World (Hope p.140)