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Our Songbooks

Rise Up Singing contains the words & guitar chords to 1200 songs from a wide variety of genres from Beatles to ballads, and Bob Dylan to Broadway, from campfire favoites to gospel & Hebrew folksongs. Originally developed for group singing by Annie Patterson & Peter Blood, this well loved songbook is also used by musicians (professional and lay alike) around the world as a fakebook and resource book. Quick access to lyrics, chords and authorship/copyright information on songs makes it a must have for anyone that uses music in their life. Since its publication by Sing Out in 1988 it has sold around a million copies. You can purchase Rise Up Singing here.

Rise Again is a new songbook from Annie Patterson & Peter Blood with a similar format to Rise Up Singing. Rise Again includes words & guitar chords to 1200 completely different songs than in Rise Up Singing with more selections from genres like country, blues, old timey and jazz. It is published by Hal Leonard Books. You can purchase Rise Again here.

Pete Seeger's autobiography, entitled Where Have All the Flowers Gone: A Singalong Memoir, is edited by Peter Blood and published by Sing Out in 1993 and co-published in a new W.W.Norton edition in 2009. This is a wonderful memoir that includes songs, photographs and stories from Pete. The latest edition comes with an MP3 teaching disc for all the tunes in the book produced by David Bernz. You can purchase Where Have All the Flowers Gone here.

AND... We just added 2 great resources to enrich musical pursuits:

A Guide to Songleading and the Communal Singing, by veteran songleader Ben Kramarz is the best book on this subject, whether you are leading singing in the classroom, a faith community, at camp or on a picket line. It even includes 200 of the best songs to use in a singalong (with where they can be found in Rise Up Singing or Rise Again).

If you are a songwriter or would like to become one, Songwriting and the Creative Process, can be a great aid to your honing of this craft. It includes essays by leading songwriters in the folk tradition from Graham Nash to Tom Paxton and addresses all the main issues and challenges facing a songwriter.