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Hope and Resilience

Many communities are holding times to renew their sense of hope and determination in these challenging times. Here are a bunch of songs from different traditions that may be of help in planning such occasions. Please send other suggestions!

Rise Again / Earthcare

Also: The Tide Is Rising

Rise Again / Faith:

    Rise Again / Family:

    Also in Rise Up Singing: Everything Possible (Fred Small) p.240

    Rise Again / Freedom:

    Also in Rise Up Singing:

    • Ain't Gonna Let Nobody p.60
    • Michael Row p.62
    • O Freedom p.62
    • This Little Light p.63
    • Woke Up This Morning p.64

    In our new Seeger singalong songbook If I Had a Hammer p.35:

    Rise Again / Gospel & Spirituals:

      Rise Again / Friendship:

      Rise Again / Healing:

      Rise Again / Home:

      Other songs on immigrant solidarity:

      Rise Again / Hope:

      Also in Rise Up Singing:

        • All the Weary Mothers (Joan Baez) p.114
        • Blowin' in the Wind p.115
        • Imagine p.116
        • Let's Get Together p.240
        • Love Will Guide Us (Sally Rogers) p.118 
        • Woyaya p.120
        • Turning of the World (Ruth Pelham) p.242

        And also:

        Rise Again / Peace:

        Also in Rise Up Singing:

        • Because All Men Are Brothers p.238
        • Carry It On p.158
        • Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream p.161

        Rise Again / Struggle:

        Also in Rise Up Singing:

        • Bella Ciao p.213
        • If I Had a Hammer p.215
        • Love's Gonna Care Us (Fred Small) p.216
        • Never Turning Back (Pat Humphries) p.216
        • Singing for Our Lives (Holly Near) p.218
        • Step by Step (Pete Seeger) p.242
        • Times They Are a Changin' (Bob Dylan) p.219
        • We Shall Not Be Moved p.260
        • Your Daughters & Your Sons (Tommy Sands) p.221