Rise Up and Sing

Hope + change through song

Rise & Connect!

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Rise Up Singing Song List

Title Chapter Page
The Ramblin' Rover (Stewart) Good Times
p. 89
Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand Unity
p. 241
Rebel Girl Struggle
p. 217
Red Is the Rose Love
p. 127
Red River Valley Farm & Prairie
p. 56
Rhymes and Reasons Dreams & Fantasies
p. 31
The Rich Man and the Poor Man Rich & Poor
p. 185
Riddle Song Lullabies
p. 135
Ride-a-Cock Horse Rounds
p. 191
Riding in My Car Play
p. 175
Rigs of the Time Rich & Poor
p. 185
Ring Around the Rosy Rag Good Times
p. 90
Ring in the New Year Sacred Rounds & Chants
p. 196
Rio Grande Sea
p. 204
Ripple Hope
p. 118
Rise Again (Juravich) Work
p. 258
Rise and Shine Play
p. 175
Rise Up O Flame Sacred Rounds & Chants
p. 196
Rise Up Shepherd Spirituals
p. 211
Rising of the Moon Struggle
p. 218
River Time & Changes
p. 226
River of Light Sacred Rounds & Chants
p. 196
Riverboat Women
p. 249
Rivers of Babylon Freedom
p. 63
The Road I Took to You Women
p. 249
Road to the Isles Outdoors
p. 154
The Border Trail Outdoors
p. 155
Rock Island Line Travelin'
p. 235
Rock Me Roll Me Men
p. 141
Rock Me to Sleep Men
p. 141
Rock-a My Soul Spirituals
p. 212
Rocky Mountain High Outdoors
p. 155
Roddy McCorley Struggle
p. 218
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms Mountain Voices
p. 149
Roll On Columbia Farm & Prairie
p. 57
Roll the Union On Work
p. 258
Roll to the River Ecology
p. 37
Rollin' Down to Old Maui Sea
p. 205
Rolling Hills of the Borders Outdoors
p. 155
Rolling Home Sea
p. 205
Rolling Mills of New Jersey Outdoors
p. 155
Rooster Song Funny Songs
p. 75
Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon Dreams & Fantasies
p. 31
Rose Rose Rounds
p. 191
The Rose Hope
p. 118
Rosebud in June Ballads & Old Songs
p. 14
Roseville Fair Love
p. 127
Royal Telephone Gospel
p. 96
Rubber Blubber Whale Play
p. 176
Run Come See Jerusalem Sea
p. 205
The Runaway Shop Song Work
p. 258
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