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Artist Pages and Searches

Artist pages contain:

  • a list of all the songs a given artist has composed that are in our database
  • lists of songs recorded or performed by that artist (where we have linked videos for those songs in our system)
  • other information about the artist including a website and/or Wikipedia page (but this takes a long time to enter manually)

We have a special artist search page at http://www.riseupandsing.org/songs/artist-search (short cut is /as after our website URL)

Here how to find artists using this artist search page:

  • Enter the name of any artist who either composed a song in our database or is recorded or performs in a video on our song pages
  • You can search for composers and individual artists using either first or lasr name.
  • You can search for a musical group with just one word for a group (e.g. "stones" will find The Rolling Stones). You can even search with part of a name, e.g. "beat" will find The Beatles.
  • The artist/composer pages list all the songs in our Music Box that an artist composed - as well as songs they've recorded or performed (where we have YouTube videos linked to the song page for that song.)

Currently if you misspell a name it won't work. Mark Heiman, our Music Box webmaster extraordinaire, is working on making these searches "smarter" (as with Google searches) but this is quite time-consuming. So if you don't get a hit, try different spellings or parts of names.

A second great way to locate artist pages is if you are on a songpage and see a video by a particular artist you are interested in. If you click on the name of the artist above the video, it will take you to a page for that video. If you then click on the name of the artist on the bottom of the video page, it links you directly to the artist page for the artist who created that video.

It may also work to search for an artist's name in the general search box in upper right hand corner of every page on our site. For some artists this may return way to many "hits" to be useful.