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The Team that made Rise Again

It truly takes a village to make songbook of this kind!  A huge number of people have generously donated their time to work on bringing our new songbook Rise Again into being.

The same was true with Rise Up Singing.  We had a team of songleaders and musicians who helped us select the songs for that book.  Over 200 musicians donated the use of their songs to Sing Out for inclusion in that book, including Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Joan Baez, Si Kahn, Pete Seeger, Judy Collins, the publishers of songs by the Weavers, Woody Guthrie, Phil Ochs, and many, many others.  

We could not possibly come as far as we have on this new book with the contributions of many, many people, including:

Core team collaborated closely with us in key aspects of the project.

The Selection team that helped choose the songs in Rise Again

Lyric & source team helped find, format & proof sources and add CD & print sources under songs

Our Chord team helped Peter create and proof chord lines.

Genre "experts" helped with selection & editing on specific types of songs such as British traditional songs, blues, jazz, or old-timey music.

Professional support

The amount of work involved in creating maintaining this website as a robust resource for learning about the songs in these books, connecting with musicians, and singing with others in a variety of settings will also be huge.  We hope you will join our community of people working together in building hope and change through singing!

And finally, some special thank you's....


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