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Judy Collins

Primary Song Genres: 

Collins (b. 1939) is an American singer songwriter whose career spans six decades. 

Song Videos

Amazing Grace RUS: Gospel p. 92
The Bells of Rhymney RA: Rich p. 222
Bird on the Wire RA: Healing p. 119
Both Sides Now RUS: Dreams p. 27
Bread and Roses RUS: Women p. 245
Bright Morning Stars RUS: Mountain p. 143
Brother Can You Spare a Dime? RUS: Rich p. 180
Carry It On RUS: Peace p. 158
Cat's in the cradle RA: Family p. 62
La chanson des vieux amants RA: Time p. 268
Chelsea Morning RUS: City p. 17
Cherry Tree Carol RUS: Ballads p. 9
Circles RUS: Time p. 222
Coal Tattoo RUS: Mountain p. 143
The Coming of the Road RUS: Mountain p. 144
Cook with Honey RUS: Home p. 107
Crow on the Cradle RA: Peace p. 199
Desperado RUS: Farm p. 50
Diamonds & rust RA: Love p. 150
Farewell to Tarwathie RUS: Sea p. 201
Golden Apples of the Sun
The Great Silkie RUS: Ballads p. 10
Greenland Fisheries RUS: Sea p. 202
Hard Lovin' Loser RUS: Men p. 139
Hey That's No Way to Say Goodbye RUS: Love p. 124
Holly Ann RUS: Creativity p. 24
I Know an Old Lady RUS: Play p. 171
I Know Where I'm Going RUS: Ballads p. 11
I Think It's Gonna Rain Today RUS: Hard p. 102
In My Life RUS: Time p. 225
It Isn't Nice RUS: Freedom p. 61
John Riley RUS: Ballads p. 12
Little Brown Dog RUS: Dreams p. 29
Liverpool Lullaby RUS: Lullabies p. 134
Love Minus Zero/No Limit RA: Love p. 154
Masters of War
Michael from Mountains RUS: Dreams p. 30
Morning Has Broken RUS: Outdoors p. 154
My Father RUS: Dreams p. 30
O Had I a Golden Thread RUS: Dreams p. 31
Pack Up Your Sorrows RUS: Friendship p. 67
Pastures of Plenty RUS: Farm p. 55
The Patriot Game RUS: Struggle p. 217
Plegaria a un Labrador RUS: Farm p. 56
Pretty Saro RUS: Mountain p. 149
Roll On Columbia RUS: Farm p. 57
Send in the Clowns RUS: Hard p. 103
Simple Gifts RUS: Faith p. 47
Since You Asked RUS: Love p. 127
Sisters of Mercy RUS: Dreams p. 32
Someday Soon RUS: Farm p. 57
Song for Judith RUS: Friendship p. 67
Sons of RUS: Home p. 112
Spanish Is the Loving Tongue RUS: Love p. 128
Suzanne RUS: Dreams p. 32
Thirsty Boots RUS: Travel p. 236
The Times They Are a-Changin' RUS: Struggle p. 219
Tomorrow Is a Long Time RUS: Time p. 228
Turn, Turn, Turn (orig.) RUS: Time p. 228
Who Knows Where the Time Goes RA: Time p. 276
Wild Mountain Thyme RUS: Outdoors p. 157
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