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How to play songs using the books

Rise Up Singing and Rise Again both use the same unique system for laying out songs.  The system makes it possible to fit 1200 songs in under 300 pages - in a compact spiral bound songbook that are inexpensive, easy to carry around with you and easily stored in bulk for groups to use.  

The system puts lines of chords underneath the first verse, chorus, and any other section of the song which varies (such as a "bridge").  Each chord represents the same number of beats through out the song.  

It is a minimalist way of representing songs, but it works.  Thousands of people have been using Rise Up Singing for 25 years - the system works once you get how it works.

Here is a great video that breaks down step by step how to play a song using the "chord lines" system used in both books:

        How to Use Rise Up Singing (created by Liz McCormack)

Each book includes a detailed introductory section that tells in detail how to read the lyrics and play the chords.  Rise Again also includes a chord chart with all of the chords used in the book on the inside back cover. Paul Kaplan, one of the volunteers who helped create the chords for Rise Again has put together 2 YouTube videos to help you use the chord charts in the back of Rise Again:

If you attend one of the many singalongs and song circles that use the book, regular attenders will be glad to show you how the books' system works!

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