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Learning Songs in the Books

Rise Up Singing and Rise Again do not in most cases include notation for music: just lyrics, chords, and some sources for songs. (The exception is for rounds.) People always ask us: then how do I learn the tunes?

There are many answers:

Learn songs from each other.  This is the best way to learn the tunes! The book is designed for group singing. When you take part in singing with others, it is easy to pick up the tune as you go along, because you have the lyrics right in front of you.   

There are hundreds of monthly song circles and sing-alongs held all over North America on a monthly or in some cases a weekly basis. Many of these are listed on this site in a special directory. In addition many people sing regularly together in their faith communities, schools, camps, and community centers.  

But this doesn't have to happen in a formal sing-along. It happens all the time informally in families and among friends.

Learn from CDs & mp3 downloads.  You can also learn songs by listening to them on CDs and your MP3 service. By buying these you support the artists who created and are spreading all these terrific songs!  Wherever possible we have listed the recordings under the songs in the book by the person or group that wrote the song. (We even tell you how many frets to capo up on your guitar to play along.) We have tried where possible to also identify some of the most important or easiest to learn from recordings by other artists.  There are links on this site to the websites of the artists who made these songs. 

Attending live concerts is of course another great way to both learn the songs and also support the artists who created them!

Listen on YouTube. YouTube is a terrific way to learn songs.  Our song database on this site provides links to YouTube where you can listen to and learn songs. 

We have also created a Rise Up and Sing Youtube channel that has playlists of videos of most of the songs in five chapters of Rise Again. (You can play one of these playlists and listen to all or most of the songs in one chapter of the new book! Sorry about the ads. If we use videos with no ads they're often poorer quality or likely to be taken down soon.) Within a few months there will be similar playlists for all the chapters in Rise Again. We will in the near future also add playlists for the songs in Rise Up Singing.

Listen to playlists on Spotify.   Joe Offer, one of the associate editors of Rise Again and a frequent contributor to Mudcat Cafe has created playlists in Spotify that allow you to listen to the tunes to many of the songs in Rise Again: Spotify playlists.

Rise Up Singing Teaching CDs.  Over the 3-4 years after Rise Up Singing was published, Annie produced a series of teaching recordings that contain the melody to each song in that songbook.  Annie sings on the majority of the CDs but some feature other wonderful singers like John Roberts, Pat Humphries, John McCutcheon, Magpie, and Kim & Reggie Harris.  

A teaching MP3 disc is also included with every copy of Where Have All the Flowers Gone (in the 2009 Norton edition).  

It has not yet been decided whether to create a similar set of teaching discs for Rise Again.  Because of the much more ready availability of audio sources on the internet especially through Youtube today, we may not create teaching discs for the new book.

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