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Rise Up SingingRise Again

You can obtain a list of songs in both books of a given culture (language, country, religion) and by song genre on the Music Box "search" page.

Here are some special searches that you may enjoy:

  • Glee songlist - songs performed on the popular TV show (19 songs)
  • Playing for Change songlist - featuring musicians being recorded around the world in blended recordings, from their website & Youtube channel)  (21 songs)
  • PS22 Chorus songlist - a wonderful program from a public school in NYC, often featuring famous artists singing with the chorus (16 songs)
  • Across the Universe (film) - fresh reinterpretations of Beatles songs (7 songs)

In the future we will be addiing searchable songlists for If I Had a Hammer, Where Have All the Flowers Gone and other songbooks.

We will also be posting songlists for Rise Up Singing and Rise Again that are sorted by chapter and song (as they appear in the books themselves).


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