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We Began to Sing film

A 25 minute documentary film entitled "We Began to Sing" was released in December 2019. It shines a light on the power of group singing as a means of building community and empowering struggles for social justice. 

The film makers have offered our mailchimp subscribers an opportunity to stream the film for free through Friday midnight on April 10th. If you already are a subscriber watch for a mailchimp mailing about this (going out on April 1st). 

If you're not already a subscriber email us with your zip code and we'll add you to the list and send you info on how to watch.

The film focuses primarily on the work of Annie Patterson and Peter Blood in creating the songbooks Rise Up Singing and Rise Again, which have in turn spurred a quiet revolution of group singing around North America. It also includes footage of Pete Seeger in his home in Beacon, NY, about a year before his death.

The film is available for use by schools, faith communities, social change groups, songleaders, retreat leaders - anyone who is interested in promoting an understanding of the power of group singing to ignite change.

It is possible now to book a screening now by contacting the film-makers Polly Wells and Candida Paltiel at: info@songkeepers.ca

Information about the film can be found at: 



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