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Pete Seeger

May 3, 2019 is the 100th anniversary of Pete's birth. How can we use this opportunity to rededicate ourselves to all Pete believed in and worked for all his life?!

Pete Seeger spent over 75 years working to create a better world through encouraging people to sing with each other.

We've just put out a new songbook If I Had a Hammer containing 47 of Pete's best singalong songs especially for the centennial - which includes a moving foreword by Harry Belafonte and quotes from Pete about many of his songs. Copies are available for as little as $3 each in bulk for use at singalong events. We also carry 3 other great Seeger song collections.

We sell 20 of Pete's terrific CD's on this site: see Pete's recordings
See our online discography of Pete's 70+ years of recordings.

Pete had an enormous impact - not just on huge numbers of musicians but on millions of people who felt personally touched by his life and his music.

Pete wrote an important autobiography that is filled with his beliefs, songs, songs, and ideas about how to create hope and change.
Pete played a very central role in Rise Up Singingas well as our new book Rise Again.