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The Music Box: Online Song Database

Go directly to The Music Box song search page!

EXCITING NEWS: You can now find song pages for every song in Rise Up Singing as well as Rise Again!

What is this? An extensive online database for the songs in Rise Up Singing and Rise AgainWe call it "The Music Box" because it provides an easy way to listen to and learn the songs in our songbooks. Song pages have already been created for all 2400 songs in Rise Up Singing and Rise Again - as well as a few dozen other songs that we want to shine a special light on. 

How do you get to these song pages? The easiest way is via our Song Search page. Search by song title, song genre, culture (languages, etc.) or songbook.  It is also possible to go to song pages using either the Titles Song List or the Book-order Song List (located under Rise Again on our website). The page for each song shows:

  • where to locate the song in our books (book, chapter, page #)
  • one of more YouTube links where you can listen to the song
  • the song genre and who composed it, and
  • links to online information on the song (on Wikipedia, Mudcat Cafe, etc.) 

Searches by artist. There are now individual artist pages in the Music Box as well as song pages. There is an artist page for every composer of songs in Rise Up Singing and Rise Again. There are also artist pages for many of the groups and for individual artists who have recorded songs in our books. Artist pages list songs that are composed by the artist and also of songs they have performed (in cases where we have links to videos on song pages in the Music Box database.)

Although this search page above does not yet have a "box" to enter searches for songs written or covered by a particular artist, you can readily find these in several ways:

  • Enter the name of an artist in the search box at the top of every page on the site—if this artist in our database, the artist’s name will appear. (Try this by typing "The Beatles" or "Willie Nelson" in the search box!). In some cases, though, this may give you too many results.
  • Go to the song page of a song written by the artist you are looking for (either by entering the name of the song in the search box on the top of the page or in the special Music Box search page). e.g. Go to the song page for "Yellow Submarine" Under "Composed by" you can click on either "John Lennon" or "Paul McCartney" to see a list of songs each of them has written.
  • You can also go to artist pages by clicking on the name of the artist who created videos on any song page (where these are listed above the video link photos). e.g. on the "Yellow Submarine" page you can either click on "The Beatles" after rec/performed by OR you can click on "The Beatles" above the first video shown.

Newly added features of the Music Box:

  • You can now search for songs in Rise Up Singing as well as those in Rise Again.

  • Starting with any song, you easily can scroll forward or backward through Rise Up Singing and Rise Again (on the page for any song, click on "next" at the lower right of page to go directly to the next song in the book.)

  • The song search page now allows searches by song genre (e.g. rounds, country songs, children's composed songs, or Irish traditional songs) and by "culture" (language, nationality, or religion).

  • Artist pages show which songs are composed or recorded by a given artist. To get to an artist page, use the general search box as described above. Or if you are on the webpage for any song composed by a given artist, you can click on the name of the artist where it appears on the song page (it will be in blue). If you click on the artist it will take you to that page for that artist where it lists all the songs that that artist has in our database.

Coming soon:

  • Improved artist searches directly from the Music Box song search page.

Other things being built / added to the Music Box:

  • Searches by song subject, Broadway shows & films, and holidays
  • English translations for songs in languages other thn English
  • Alternate lyrics besides the lyrics included in our books (e.g. for traditional songs)
  • Leadsheets for some of the harder to find songs
  • The addition of the 80 songs in Pete's autobiography Where Have All the Flowers Gone.

Needless to say it is taking a lot of work to build this database. We welcome new volunteers to help create this database and keep it up to date!

If you would like to work on the database, contact us at rasongbook@gmail.com. All work is done online, so people can help out from anywhere there is internet! Videos of songs on YouTube often disappear over time, so please email us to let us know of any broken links in this database or to provide video suggestions or other info we can add to the song pages.

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