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Our Online Music Box

The Music Box is an songline music database and search engine that contains thousands of individual song pages an artist pages (of songwriters & performing artists). 


  • learn the tune to a song. Listen to recordings of the song on each song page.  
  • find lyrics & chords to a song. If it's one of the 2400 songs in our 2 songbooks, it says where to find it. If not, it usually includes the lyrics & often the chords on the song page.
  • find info on a song - who wrote it, who composed it, when it was written, what it's about, etc.
  • find songs on a specific subject or topic
  • track down a song you're trying to remember the name of
  • find songs written or recorded by a given musician
  • find info about a musician - website, Wiki page, YouTube channel, etc.
  • scroll song by song through a given chapter as they appear in either Rise Up Singing or Rise Again. (If you search for any song in either book you can scroll forward or backward from that song.)



You can help us: 

  • Videos of songs on YouTube often disappear over time. Please email us if you encounter any broken links in this database or other errors on any song or artist page. (email corrections)
  • If you have songs or artists you'd like to suggest we add to the Music Box - or great videos we should put on a song page, email your suggestions.  
  • We welcome new volunteers to help create this database and keep it up to date! If you would like to work on the database, contact us at rasongbook@gmail.com. All work is done online, so people can help out from anywhere there is internet!