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FUN FOR (cooped-up) FAMILIES


During this crazy pandemic time many families and wonderful folks everywhere are finding ways to connect with each other, stay healthy and safe and share resources. Are you looking for ideas to help you stay sane while you work from home? Here are a few tips to keep your spirits up, and some strategies that might help you out. Sheltering in place does not mean we have to stay isolated, right?! Feel free to email us with more ideas - this list is constantly evolving...a work in progress! Stay tuned for more updates and videos. We're in it for the long haul with you! '

I (Annie) and Peter (when he is free) offer family singalong concerts on Facebook Live.

  • These are held once a week on Mondays from 3-4pm EDT. Times may change so check back in for updates.
  • Go to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/RiseUpAndSing1/, look for our "live" link or scroll down to videos. Make sure you click on the one that shows that it is "live".
  • Grab a copy of Rise Up Singing and/or Rise Again if you have them so you can sing along. Annie gives out the book and page number where the song is.
  • We put our setlists up on our website. We recently did an "all request" event that was well received so that will probably happen again!
  • We always love tips! Anytime! To tip us for these concerts go to www.riseupandsing.org/donate

Some other great resources:



Other fine musicians' websites (...just a few of our favorites):

Did you know you can enter the name of any song from our songbooks Rise Singing or Rise Again in The Music Box and get taken to a page for that song with lots of videos to learn it or listen it? Check it out when you get a chance. Meanwhile, here are some songs from our Rise Again 's "Play" chapter:

Travel & learning

Stay safe out there and keep in touch!  - Annie & Peter