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Singalongs & Song Circles

In many, many locations around the world people gathering regularly to sing with each other.

Somtimes these are singalongs where everyone sings together every song, often using a book like Rise Up Singing.  Other times they are song circles where participants take turns singing a song on their own often from memory.  Many sings use a blend of formats.

Find a Sing.  We have an online directory of sings where you can find whether there is a sing of this kind in your area.  

Be a Contact.  In order to keep our online directory up to date, we are looking for a person willing to serve as a contact or liaison for as many local sings as possible.

Start a New Sing.  If there's no sing of this kind, we can give you ideas on how to start one!

Make a Sing Work.  We can also give you lots of ideas on how to make a sing go well.

Songleading Tips - ideas on how to lead singing in groups.