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Start a Monthly Sing in Your Area

Want to be part of a regular singalong or songcircle?

No group meeting for this in your area?

Why not start one!

Here are some ideas:

  • Is there a folksong society or folk club in your area?  If so, contact the people who run the group or club and see if they think they've ever had a sing like this in the past or if they think there'd be interest in this.
  • A public library, synagogue, church or Quaker meeting are great places to host a sing of this kind.  See if they would be interested in / open to hosting a sing.
  • Try making an announcement at a folk concert or other events where people might be interested.
  • See if you can find a great songleader to help "prime the pump" at your first few sings (or maybe you're that person!)
  • Watch this site for suggestions on what leads to successful group singing - type of room, chair configuration, songleading techniques, guitar, whether to use songbooks, etc.  We'll post an article soon on this.

Here is a terrific resource to ramp up the songleading skill of your group's songleader(s):

A Guide to Songleading and Communal Singing, by Ben Kramarz. info or to order a copy