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Contacts for Ongoing Sings

We maintainTo keep our directory of ongoing singalongs and song circles as accurate and up to date as possible we need people to function as a contact / liaison for these groups wherever possible.

If you are already in such a group, check our site to see if your group is listed.  

If it is not email us information about your group. Please include:

  • The town and state, province or country where it meets (or the nearest/biggest town if location varies)
  • When it meets (e.g. 7pm on 2nd Saturdays of each month)
  • Name and address of the specific location (if there is a regular location)
  • Contact name (you?!) and group website, email address and/or phone number
  • Sponsoring organization (if applicable)
  • Format of the sing (singalong - where everyone present usually joins in on each song, song circle - where people take turns performing or leading a song for those present, informal choir)
  • Any other relevant / helpful information (e.g. cost if any, whether you use Rise Up Singing or another book, whether instruments are welcome)

If your group is listed, see if it the information appears to be accurate / up to date.  If something seems wrong, check with the contact listed and/or send us corrections.

It is really helpful to have someone commit to keep this information accurate and up to date for each sing listed in the diretory. In the near future it will be possible for the liaison for each group to update the group's listing themselves.  

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