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Rise Up Singing

Rise Up Singing is our best-selling group singing songbook containing chordslyrics, and sources to 1200 songs from a wide variety of genres from Beatles to Broadway, from Bob Dylan to traditional ballads.  We carry the spiral bound format only.


Note: Rise Up Singing does NOT include notation of the songs' melodies (with the exception of the two sections on rounds), meaning that users must either know the tune, find a recording (liner notes under each song give resources for this), or learn songs from each other in song circles or singalongs. Rise Up Singing was first published in 1988 by Sing Out!. It is edited by us, Annie Patterson and Peter Blood! Songs are arranged by category: there are 35 different categories arranged in alphabetical order, plus artist, subject, title, culture, holiday and musicals indices.

There are nearly a million copies in print.  It's used for group singing in monthly singalongs (US, Canada, Russia, China, etc), homes, churches, synagogues, schools, camps, and on picket lines around the world. Many teachers find our songbook a helpful classroom resource and people in general also like to use Rise Up Singing for their own personal use. Having song lyrics and chords for 1200 songs from a wide variety of genres gives them easy access to many of their favorites songs. Performers often carry a copy in their gig bag.

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