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The goal of our songbooks, music work & website is to encourage group singing in a wide variety of settings - as a way to empower people's lives, build community, strengthen people's hope & resilience, and help create a just and peaceful world. We work to:

  • Create songbooks & other resources to help people sing with each other
  • Provide tools to help people sing these songs
  • Support the growth & vitality of ongoing sing-alongs & song circles
  • Encourage networking among songleaders, musicians & others involved in this music work
  • Help people to connect with musicians who are working to promote these same values
  • Help people learn about & carry on the work that Pete & Toshi Seeger began of using music to help create a better world.

We welcome others joining us in this work in many different ways!  You can:

  • Help spread the word about our Indiegogo campaign
  • Volunteer to work on the songbook, the website, or serving as contacts with ongoing sings
  • See the many the team of folks around North America who have joined us in this work
  • Support musicians who are carrying forward this kind of work
  • Connect with organizations supporting grassroots people's music 
  • Make donations to support this work


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