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International orders

We regret that US postal service costs to ship outside the US are so steep! The rates quoted by this site are the rates provided by our postal service.

Phone numbers for international orders. Our postage provider requires a phone number for orders shipped outside the US for customs. If you are placing an order to be shipped outside the US, please email your phone number to store@riseupandsing.org.

Missing shipping charge. For some reason our website fails to add shipping charges on orders outside the US. If your checkout does not include a shipping charge, this has definitely happened. If this happens, we will contact you via email and ask if you wish to pay the additional cost of shipping before shipping your order. We apologize for this inconvenience. Shipping surcharges can be paid online at the general payment area on this site.

If you know someone traveling to the US we are glad to mail your order directly to that person at a US domestic address.

Box orders. In some cases can ship full cartons of Rise Again outside the US for less than rates quoted on this site by shipping boxes direct from our publisher. Email us if you'd like to find out how much this may cost. 

We would like to find organizations or individuals who could fill orders from overseas locations in countries where our books are popular such as Canada, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. Please let us know if you know people interested in exploring this with us at info@riseupandsing.org.

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