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If I Had a Hammer

*** Buy One / Get One Free. We provide a 2nd copy of this songbook with the purchase of this book in either format. (If you don't need it, please pass it along...) Also: we have enough of these that we're glad to donate copies of this for use in schools, congregations, unions, camps, Seeger celebrations, etc. for shipping only. If you're interested in this email us at rasongbook@gmail.com.

A Pete Seeger Singalong Songbook. Edited by Annie Patterson & Peter Blood (creators of Rise Up Singing and Rise Again songbooks)

"50 songs to remake the world"! With a moving foreword by Harry Belafonte

We created this book to celebrate the centennial of Pete Seeger's birth - and for use at in singalongs and other events celebrating the 100th anniversary of Pete's birth this year.

The songbook is available now in two different formats:

Both editions contain identical content, including words & chords to:

  • 30 of the most important songs that Pete wrote, cowrote, or adapted 
  • 15 classic songs he regularly performed and taught audiences
  • 5 songs honoring Pete's work and legacy  
  • along with quotations by Pete about many of the songs, taken from his autobiography Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Pete had an uncanny ability to get an audience singing their hearts out, even if they didn't know a word of the language the songs he was teaching and leading were in. It didn't matter whether he was leading a group of 20 or of 20,000 - or even a half a million as he did at some of the huge peace marches on the Washington Mall.

Songs written or co-written by Pete:

Songs Pete adapted or added to:

Songs that Pete performed & helped to reach a wide audience:

Plus 5 songs about Pete:

And a postscript: "Love Call Me Home" by Peggy Seeger

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