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Rise Again

words & chords to 1200 more songs
from Annie Patterson & Peter Blood
the creators of Rise Up Singing


The long wait is over! We are happy to announce that Rise Again has been released by Hal Leonard Books and we are filling orders as fast as we can! For those who pre-ordered copies, expect to receive them early in September. We are still waiting for the small format books so thank you for your patience while we fill your orders. The format will be the same as in Rise Up Singing but all the songs in Rise Again are different. 

RISE AGAIN TITLES INDEX CORRECTIONS: As with many great books there are often corrections that somehow slipped through the cracks. You can download corrections for the index here. Meanwhile, enjoy your book and sing, people, sing!

See the list of songs in the new book!

Learn more about the book's format, layout & illustration. You can even see Pete Seeger's preface to the new book.

Read about the history of the new book and Pete Seeger's role in the book.

Follow status updates on our progress in completing the new book are posted on this site.

Find out about the special Rise Again concerts celebrating the release of our new book. In many cases other artists who have songs in the new book will be joining us in these concerts.

Have a singalong group? Order Rise Again by the carton.