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Details about Rise Again


  • Rise Again contains words & chords to 1200 songs. There is no overlap with the songs in Rise Up Singing (i.e. if you own both books you have words & chords to 2400 songs!)
  • List of songs in Rise Again (sorted alphabetically or by chapter)
  • As in Rise Up Singing, songs include words & chords only. Music is included only for rounds. (This makes it possible to include 1200 songs in a compact affordable book of 300 pages!)
  • Rise Again includes three indices - by recording artist, by culture & special genres, and by title.

Format: is very similar to Rise Up Singing.

  • The book is spiral-bound with a sturdy cover. (Bookstores also sell a paperback version but we only sell the spiral-bound versions.)
  • It is available in both 7 1/2"x10" and a larger 9"x12" format. Both versions are identical in content.
  • Songs are grouped into 39 chapters by song genre or subject matter.
  • Songs are alphabetized by title within each chapter. The chapters themselves are also sorted alphabetically. (This makes it easy to locate songs quickly without having to refer to index in many cases.)
  • Chords are written out as in Rise Up Singing under the first verse, the chorus and any other section of the song like a bridge.
  • Type fonts are larger than in RUS due to narrower margins and other adjustments to increase legibility in both the 7 1/2x10 and the 9x12 formats.

The book includes hand-drawn illustrations just as Rise Up Singing did to provide a home-grown feel. The cover drawing is by Mary Azarian. The large banner illustrations at the beginning of each chapter are the book's co-editor Annie Patterson. Interior chapter drawings are by Annie, Meghan Merker (who was the main illustrator for Sing Out Magazine for over 30 years) or by Mona Shiber.

Pete Seeger, who wrote the introduction to Rise Up Singing, wrote a moving preface to Rise Again a year before he died.  Billy Bragg wrote the forward to Rise Again.