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Praise for Rise Again

Rise Again has been greeted with huge enthusiasm! Over a thousand pre-orders were sold before the book came out.

"What better way to bring us together than through the experience of singing together? These are not songs written for the money, but songs written from the hearts of real people who want to tell their story, share their joy, their travail, their hopes and their dreams.  The magic of Rise Again is needed now, more than ever."
  — Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary)

"Rise Up Singing continues to be such a treasure—helping us celebrate the joy and power of singing our own rich histories. With the addition of Rise Again, families can expand on this vital and fun way to keep the tradition alive."

     — Bonnie Raitt

"A community without song is a body without a soul. The songs in Rise Again bring us back—and forward—to happy, hopeful times in our lives when the simple act of group singing creates connection. Singing together models our vision for a more perfect world: the unity that can come from participating in honoring diversity." 

    — Rabbi Daniel Freelander (President, World Union for Progressive Judaism)

"Rise Again is a unique treasure—for any age or level of proficiency! Get it for yourself, get it for friends and family, so everyone can gather and rise together, again and again and again."

    — Peggy Seeger (musician and sister of Pete Seeger)

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