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Finding songs of a specific musical genre

The easiest way to find aongs from a particular musical genre in our songbooks (along with other songs in The Music Box not in our books) is:

Go to the song search page at riseupandsing.org/songs/search (or via the shortcut: riseupandsing.org/ss)

Choose a musical genre from the drop down list and click on "search".

Genre chapters. Some chapters in both books are grouped by song genre rather than by topic.

Examples in Rise Up Singing include: Ballads & Old Songs (traditional British Isles songs), Gospel, Play (children's songs), Rounds, Sacred Rounds, Sea (shanties), and Spirituals.

There are many more genre chapters in Rise Again including chapters of Blues, British Invasion, Country, Motown, Musicals, etc. 

In addition to finding many songs from that genre within such chapters, you can find other songs in that book of that genre that are located elsewhere in a list at the end of the chapter.

Help tracking particular genres:

Children's songs

Best Concrete