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Giving in Two Ways

We aren't always able to give away as much as we would like to.

We would like to use this holiday season as a chance to give money to several charitable purposes as a portion of holiday gifts purchased from our online store prior to the end of the year. We will (on request) give away:

  • 20% from the sale of books and "merch" (mugs, totes, coffee, cards, etc.)
  • 30% from any CD's sold
  • 10% from sale of already discounted holiday gift boxes, bundles & orders using the a 20% off coupon for 5 or more individual items
    (These amounts represent roughly half of our "margin" on these kinds of items.)

We're glad to make such donations to:

If you would like us to make such a gift in association with one of your purchaes, please email us at info@riseupandsing.org. Be sure to tell us to which group you'd like us to make the donation associated with your purchase.


If you live in on area (Western Mass.) you can browse our online store and arrange to pick up your purchase in a safe socially manner from our home at 42 Jenks Street in Amherst. Email us or call us at 413-256-8596 to let us know what you would like to buy and we will put your order together and tell you how much it comes to.

Thank you!!

Annie & Peter


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