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FAQ on Our Fund-raising

If Hal Leonard is publishing your book, why are you fund-raising?

HL will pay all printing & licensing fees, but there are many expenses related to finishing our book and getting it out that the publisher does not cover.

If the book does well, royalties can eventually provide good support for our work. But we have already worked two years full-time on the book and need to support ourselves until earnings come in in the future.

Is my contribution tax-deductible? 

No, if it's made via Indieogogo or via the donate button in the store checkout page. 

Yes! if it's made via donations via our fiscal sponsor CTA. See info here.

Which way is the best way to give to you work?

We deeply appreciate support that is coming in via any channel, but here is some info that could help answer this question:

Indiegogo campaign:

  • Donations made via credit card to Indiegogo have about 12% deducted for each donation - 9% to Indiegogo and 3% to Paypal.  
  • However, the administrative expense deducted by Indiegogo drop from 9% to 4% if we meet our goal of $30,000 by Dec. 23rd.  So the more donations made via Indiegogo the better chance we have of making this goal and paying much lower fees for the campaign.
  • There are signficant costs to purchase and ship "perks"
  • Note: People making donations via Indiegogo sometimes do not realize that they can easily donate an amount larger than the perk(s) they have requested - just designate any amount you are able to give in the "amount" box at the top right.

      Pros: We make our goal & our campaign fee goes way!
                It helps spread the word about the book & our work!
                You get one or more "perks" for your donation.

      Con:  A significant portion of your gift goes to Indiegogo, paypal & for any perks you request.   

Tax-deductible contributions via our fiscal sponsor (CTA):

  • You can take a tax deduction for a charitable donation on your federal taxes for the full amount of your gift.
  • If you contribute to CTA with a credit card, the cost is 7% (4% administrative fee to CTA and 3% to Paypal.
  • If you mail a check made out to "CTA" either to us or to CTA (earmarked for us) then there is no Paypal fee, just the 4% admin. fee to CTA.
  • It is also possible to make donations to our work in the form of stocks. The full amount of the sale of stock goes to us less the 4% administrative fee. There are no capital gains taxes paid on the stock sale.

      Pro: Your taxes go down!
      Con: (modest) admin. fee to fiscal sponsor. Paypal fee if you use a credit card.
           (Note: We suggest limiting this option to gifts over $100.)

Direct non-tax-ductible donations:

  • If you give via the donate button or make a donation as part of an order on this site, the only fee is about 3% to Square for using the credit card.
  • If you mail a check directly to us made out to "Rise Up and Sing" at 42 Jenks St, Amherst MA 01002 or write us a check at a concert, then there are no fees or deductions whatever from your gift.  
  • In this case, your contribution is not deductible for tax purposes.

      Pro: The most money goes directly to our work (100% if you mail us a check.)
      Cons: No tax deduction for you - and no perk!

Thank you so much for any gift you give by any means and however small!