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Sing Out the Vote

I'd sing out justice
I'd sing out a warning
I'd sing out love between my brothers & my sisters
All over this land

- Pete Seeger & Lee Hayes, 1949 ("If I Had a Hammer")

We are held six online concerts focusing on tkey swing states in the Midwest, New England, Floride, NC & GA, and Pennsylvania - as well as a concert in December for grassroots groups working on the Georgia senate run-off election. These concerts raised well over $10,000 for Movement Voter Project.

100% of donations to MVP goes directly to grassroots groups with a proven track record of getting out disenfranchized and marginalized voters. Thank you for your generous donations - you made a huge difference!

Please consider making a generous donation to MVP to support ongoing work with these same groups going forward. DONATE NOW DIRECTLY TO MVP
Learn how MVP supports hundreds of local groups working with People of Color, young people, and immigrant communities at https://movement.vote

Here are set-lists for three of these concerts where you can find links to all the songs sung there:

We were thrilled to be joined in the final three concerts in October by 4 of our fellow musician activists:

The "artist pages" above are in our Music Box online song database. These contains have links to these artists' many great songs in our songbooks. We've also created song pages for some of the great songs these artists have made that aren't in our books - including 3 song pages created during this get out the vote tour. Learn about The Music Box at riseupandsing.org/music-box