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Songs in Rise Again

All 1200 songs in Rise Again are new - i.e. there will be no overlap whatsoever between the songs in Rise Up Singing and those in Rise Again.

You can search for songs in the new songbook by title, genre, ethnic background or chapter in our online song search area: www.riseupandsing.org/songs/search. If you want to search by composer or recording artist, enter the artist's name in the search box in upper right hand corner of each webpage.

Songlists for the new book are posted here sorted by:

  • Chapter 
    this list shows you how the songs appear in the new book!)
  • Song title (as songs appear in the Title Index)
  • A list sorted by song genre & artist will be posted later (song genres are types of songs like blues, Motown or gospel)

You can listen to chapter playlists of songs in Rise Again on our YouTube channel. New playlists for chapter playlists are being posted all the time. (If you come across broken links, shoot an email to "website@riseupandsing.org" or click contact & choose "website" as the category.)

Selection Process: 

It was terrrifically challenging to select the songs for this new book!  We considered carefully over 4000 songs to end up with the 1200 that are going in. Many songwriters sent us lists of songs they hoped we could include. We consulted carefully with a large team of musicians & songleaders, initially in 1998-99 and again in 2013 when we reviewed and revised the 1999 tentative list.  We also sought the advice of a number of well-known experts in particular song genres such as blues, jazz, old-timey, bluegrass, British Isles ballads, and songs in specific languages such as Hebrew, Yiddish and Spanish.

We appreciate all the suggestions we received. In the end many terrific songs had to be left out for reasons of space. The final decision as to which songs to include was ours (Annie's and Peter's) as the book's editors.

New Song Genre Chapters:

Rise Again will have a large variety of song genres just as Rise Up Singing but will have more songs from genres that were not very well-represented in RUS. In many cases these genres will now get their own chapters, e.g.:

  • blues
  • country
  • jazz standards
  • early rock 'n roll
  • Motown
  • recent popular & indie songs written after 1995

Here is the full Chapter List for the new book. (Many chapters are the same but there are some differences besides the new song genre chapters.)

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