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Book reviews

"World's Best Songbook: New Edition Continues to Empower". In Common Ground, Vancouver BC, by Bruce Mason, November 2015.

"Rise Again is a manifesto about the power of song" - from Patriia Morrison's review in the April 2016 issue of Friends Journal.

Broadway World "Rise Again: A Group Singing Songbook is Long-Waited Companion to 'Rise Up Singing'" 9/21/15

Booklist - the critical trade publication of the American Library Association (often used by librarians to guide purchasing decisions). A review appeared in the Nov. 1, 2015 "Spotlight on the Arts" issue. "This follow-up to Rise Up Singing: The Group Singing Songbook (1988) is not your typical songbook—it’s not sheet music but, rather, a compilation of the lyrics, chords, and sources to almost 1,200 traditional and contemporary songs spanning a wide number of genres. There are 39 chapters, grouped by genre (for example, “Blues,” “British Invasion,” “Gospel”) or theme (“Dignity and Diversity,” “Funny Songs,” “Healing and Letting Go”). The coverage is broad and interesting—from standards such as “Route 66” and “From a Distance” to They Might Be Giants’ “Birdhouse in Your Soul” and Barenaked Ladies’ “If I Had a Million Dollars” (the latter two found in the “Millennial Songs” chapter). Song entries list the lyrics and chords. There are cross-reference listings at the end of each chapter and separate indexes for artists, cultures, and titles. This spiral-bound volume belongs in the music collections of all types of libraries, especially those where Rise Up Singing has proved popular."

Midwest Book Review October issue (on "Lorraine's bookshelf"): "Rise Again Songbook" is a treasure chest of words and chords for over 1200 well known traditional or folk songs. The songbook contains lyrics, chords, strum notations, and sources for tunes as well as access to lead sheets through the song database on www.riseupandsing.org/songs. Songs are arranged in chapters by song genre or subject matter. Within each chapter, songs are arranged alphabetically by title. Chapters include Ballads & Old Songs, Blues, Freedom, Friendship & Community, Jazz & Awing, Love, Old Timey & Bluegrass, Peace, Pub Songs, Seas & Sailors, Travelin', Work, and more. In addition there is an Artist Index, a Cultures Index, and a titles index. "Rise Again Songbook" is a user friendly collection that appeals to a wide musical palate, with a mission of motivating all kinds of people to get together and sing, building bonds of humanity. For guitarists, a handy Chord Chart is printed on the back inside cover for all the chords used in the songbook. Its spiral bound format is sturdy. practical and durable. "Rise Again" is a fabulous group singing songbook for folk and other group singers to enjoy and use heavily. 

Familiar Songbook "Rise Up Singing" Gets a Sequel "Rise Again" in Best of Parents Press 10/210/15.

Rambles.net   "Do I recommend the Rise Again Songbook? Oh, hell, yes, I recommend it enthusiastically, just as I do its predecessor. You'll want both titles."

Pop Culture Classics by Paul Freeman http://popcultureclassics.com/deja.html

Edited by Peter Blood & Annie Patterson This handsome, spiral-bound book contains words and chords for almost 1,200 songs. It’s ideal for musicians, teachers, camp counselors and families who want to share the joys of favorite tunes. A variety of genres are included - folk, blues, Broadway, country, bluegrass, jazz, Motown, gospel, rounds and traditional ballads. The songs are grouped in categories, such as Dignity & Diversity; Dreams & Mystery; Earthcare; Peace; Funny Songs; Home & Roots; Hope & Strength; Lullabies; Play (children’s songs); Travelin’; Struggle; and Work. There are ditties from centuries past, as well as songs from the swing, surf, British Invasion and Millennial eras. The list of songwriters is staggering, including such diverse artists as Townes Van Zandt, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Kris Kristofferson, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Willie Dixon, Eric Andersen, Meredith Wilson, Gilbert & Sullivan, Jackson Browne & Glenn Frey, Stephen Stills, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, John Fogerty, Neil Diamond, Brian Wilson, Carole King, Cyndi Lauper, Elvis Costello and Billie Joe Armstrong. Tune up your guitar, warm up your voice, gather your friends and open this book for endless hours of musical fun!

Zooglobble is the most influential music website in the country. This is Stefan Shepherd's review posted 11/15/15.

Peoples Voice (Canada's leading socialist newspaper), Sept 1-15, 2015 issue.

Flavorwire (an online publication of Flavorpill Media, a network of culturally connected people, covering events, art, books, music, film, TV, and pop culture the world over with 123,900+ Facebook likes and 91,200+ Twitter followers) - "From '1989' to 'American Idiot', a new songbook asks 'What makes a contemporary folk song?'" - Oct 1, 2015 review by music journalist Jesse Jarnow

“Rise Again: A Group Singing Songbook” – Plus TOUR – Preface by Pete Seeger -Long-waited companion to “Rise Up Singing” - in Momma's Bacon ("We do product reviews for the whole family")

Jesse Jarnow

Swing Whistle Zing: Finding Kids Music for Everyone. "If you ever needed a little inspiration to sing, and couldn’t quite find it, then look no further." 1/8/16.


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