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Title Found in
Alberto Cortez
Ana Belén
Antonio Flores
Colleen Kattau
Eugenia León
Gaby Moreno
Guadalupe Pineda
Jose-Luis Orozco
Luciano Pereyra
Raices del Ande
Silvio Rodríguez
Tania Libertad
Violeta Parra
A la nanita nana Rise Again: Lullabies
p. 157
At the Gate of Heaven Rise Up Singing: Lullabies
p. 131
La Bamba Rise Up Singing: Creativity
p. 22
Bésame mucho Rise Again: Love
p. 148
Canción a Victor Rise Again: Sing People Sing
p. 244
Canción mixteca Rise Again: Home & Roots
p. 127
Cielito Lindo Rise Up Singing: Good Times
p. 84
Cinco siglos igual Rise Again: Freedom
p. 76
La cucaracha Rise Again: Good Times
p. 103
Cucurrucucu paloma Rise Again: Love
p. 149
De Colores Rise Up Singing: Outdoors
p. 152
Demos Gracias Rise Up Singing: Faith
p. 41
Mi chacra Rise Again: Play
p. 211
Dream to Belong
Duerme negrito Rise Again: Lullabies
p. 159
Gracias a la Vida Rise Up Singing: Hope
p. 115
Guantanamera Rise Up Singing: Creativity
p. 24
Hay Una Mujer Rise Up Singing: Struggle
p. 215
I cannot sleep Rise Again: Rich & Poor
p. 224
Alabe todo el mundo Rise Again: Faith
p. 56
Cantai todos os povos Rise Again: Faith
p. 56
Marching into the Light
Mi cuerpo hace musica Rise Again: Play
p. 214
Nicaragua Nicaraguita Rise Again: Freedom
p. 79
Paz y libertad Rise Again: Peace
p. 206
Plegaria a un Labrador Rise Up Singing: Farm & Prairie
p. 56
El Pueblo Unido Rise Up Singing: Struggle
p. 217
Que bonita bandera Rise Again: Freedom
p. 80
Si mi quieres escribir Rise Again: Struggle
p. 258
Sing for the Climate Rise Again: Earthcare
p. 49
Solo le Pido a Dios Rise Again: Struggle
p. 258
Somos el Barco Rise Up Singing: Unity
p. 242
Te recuerdo amanda Rise Again: Love
p. 156
Unicornio Rise Again: Dreams & Mystery
p. 40
Viva la Quince Brigada Rise Up Singing: Struggle
p. 219


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