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Peoples Music Network June 2018

Peter will be attending this bienniel gathering of musicians and activists committed to using music to further social justice work. Our close friend and collaborator Charlie King is one of the artists-in-residence along with Rick Burkahrdt.

Camp Kinderland is a beautiful and inspiring location for PMN's June gatherings. It was founded in 1923 by Jewish activists as a healthy rural summer refuge for children living in NYC tenements. Pete Seeger visited there frequently. The camp is filled with large colorful murals celebrating major social justice leaders such as Harry Bellafonte, Rosa Parks, and Emma Goldman.

For the 3rd June in a row, Peter will be co-leading a workshop with Sarah Pirtle celebrating the life and work of Pete Seeger: 

Carry It On -- The Legacy of Pete Seeger - Peter Blood and Sarah Pirtle (songwriters and song leaders) will lead a song swap of songs Pete wrote and loved, with an eye on how these songs relate to today’s justice work. This year, time will be set aside for a brainstorm on mark Pete’s 100th birthday anniversary next year: May 3, 2019. (This workshop will probably take place on Saturday.)

Jun 1 2018 - 6:00pm to Jun 3 2018 - 2:00pm
1543 Colebrook River Road
Tolland , MA 01034
United States
Ben Grosscup
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