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God Bless the Grass


This album is Pete's premier eco-recording. It includes 5 songs about environmental issues by Malvina Reynolds, along with Pete's classics "People Are Scratching" and "My Dirty Stream". The other songs celebrate the precious gifts of nature, love, and old traditional songs. 

Smithsonian Folkways will create special order CDs of any LP in their collection. We have ordered a bunch of copies of this wonderful 1966 album (as we did with his "Talking Union" LP earlier). The CD includes the original album insert.

This classic CD is a "must" for Seeger fans.

Track List

  1. "The Power & the Glory"  (Phil Ochs - in Rise Up Singing on p.3)
  2. "Pretty Saro"  (trad. Appalachian love song - RUS p.149)
  3. "70 Miles"  (Malvina Reynolds - in Pete's autobiography Where Have All the Flowers Gone on p.109)
  4. "The Faucets Are Dripping"  (Malvina Reynolds - RUS p.18)
  5. "The Cement Octopus"  (Malvina Reynolds - about building too many highways! lyrics)
  6. "God Bless the Grass"  (Malvina Reynolds - eco classic! in RUS p.35)
  7. "The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood"  (lovely poem by Richard Farina & set to the trad. Irish song "My Lagan Love", recorded by Mimi Farina, Sandy Denny & others - about)
  8. "Coal Creek March"  (trad. banjo instrumental learned from Kentucky carpenter Pete Steele - commemorating mining troubles from 1890's)
  9. "The Girl I Left Behind"  (trad. instrumental)
  10. "I Have a Rabbit"  (gentle kids' song by P. Eliran)
  11. "The People Are Scratching"  (Ernie Marrs, Harold Martin, Seeger - another eco-classic - RUS p.37) 
  12. "Coyote, My Little Brother"  (Pete La Farge) 
  13. "Preserven El Parque Elysian"  (M. Kelian)
  14. "My Dirty Stream  (The Hudson River Song)"  (Seeger - in Rise Again p.48 - about the Sloop Clearwater)
  15. "Johnny Riley"  (trad. English - an exerpt of this old ballad rec earlier by Joan Baez) 
  16. "Barbara Allen"  (trad. English - RUS p.7. Pete whistles first in an instrumental and then sings a haunting a cappella rendition. Also rec by Joan Baez)
  17. "From Way Up Here"  (Malvina Reynolds/Pete Seeger - in Pete's autobiography on p.108)
  18. "My Land is a Good Land"  (Eric Andersen - RUS p.3)