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"Shine" Early Childhood Music CD


Lively song collection produced by Annie Patterson, recorded by Jim Henry. This 30-track CD includes a wide variety of simple but moving songs with themes of peace, multicultural diversity, faith, joy, and gratitude. Annie sings on all but 2 of the songs. Songs include a variety of voices and instrumental accompaniment including banjo, guitar, mandolin, doumbek, cajon, cello, and fiddle.

The CD was commissioned by the Shine early childhood curriculum program of the Mennonite & Brethren Churches. (Many but by no means all of the songs have a strong biblical/Christian content.)

Track list:

  1. Hello, Everybody

  2. Ni Hao, Jambo, Hola (Hello, Hello, Hello)

  3. Aleluya Y’in Oluwa (Alleluia, Praise the Lord) - Nigeria

  4. Alleluia Dance

  5. Say to the Lord, I Love You

  6. Jump for Joy

  7. Jesus, We Will SIng

  8. Som’landela (We will Follow) - Zimbabwe

  9. I’m Gonna SIng

  10. God is Like

  11. El Amor de Dios (The Love of God)

  12. God Made Everything

  13. A Place in the Choir (All God’s Critters) - Bill Staines (Rise Up Singing p.241)

  14. De Colores - Cursillo Movement in Spain / United Farm Workers Union (Rise Up Singing p.152)

  15. Thank You, God, for Me

  16. Thanksgiving Canon

  17. Siyabonga, Jesu (Thank you, Jesus) - Africa

  18. I’ve Got Peace in My FIngers - Susan Salidor (Rise Again p.202)

  19. Peace is Flowing like a River (Rise Up Singing p.195)

  20. Give Light - Magpie (Rise Again p.135)

  21. God is with Me

  22. Light One Candle

  23. Jesus Baby Jesus

  24. Mary Had a Baby - African American Spiritual (Rise Up Singing p.210)

  25. Hosanna!

  26. He is Alive

  27. May the God of Peace

  28. As We Leave This Friendly Place

  29. Peace Be with You

  30. God Goes with Us