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Songs of the Spanish Civil War


This historic collection of songs from the Spanish Civil War includes:

  • 6 "Six Songs of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade" recorded by Pete Seeger with Tom Glazer and Butch & Bess Hawes (of the Almanac Singers) - including Viva La Quince Brigada", "Si Mi Queres Escribir", "Jarama Valley", and "El Quinto Regimiento" (the 5th Regiment). These are 6 of Pete Seeger's very first recordings in 1941!
  • "Six Songs for Democracy"  Ernst Busch and chorus  - originally released as an album of 78s in the 1940s. includes "Los Cuatros Generales" & "Die Moorsoldaten" ("The Peat Bog Soldiers" in original German)
  • Woody Guthrie singing "Jarama Valley"
  • 4 additional songs by Ernst Busch accompanied by chorus & orchestra
  • "Songs We Remember": 3 field recordings from the people of Catalonia, Seville & Asturias Spain
  • 4 songs from "Behind Barbed Wire" sung by Bart van der Schelling & the Exiles Chorus

This was originally 2 separate albums. This new CD includes all 24 tracks from the two original albums - a special Folkways project in collaboration with the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archive.

This CD includes a 40 page booklet on the Spanish Civil War & the stirring songs that were closely associated with it in Spanish, German or English.

See the article in Smithsonian Magazine about this re-released material.

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