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Step by Step


A live recording by Charlie King & Annie Patterson. Many of the songs were recorded at a concert held in October 2018 in Leverett MA. 4 are songs by Pete Seeger - in part as a celebration of upcoming 100th anniversary of Pete's birth in May 2019. These songs are infused with Charlie and Annie's hope, commitment to justice, and sense of humor.

Track list

  1. Shuttle & Loom (Si Kahn / Joe Jencks)
  2. I Have Seen Freedom Being Born (Si Kahn/Joe Jecks)
  3. Don’t Ever Let Nobody Keep Your Spirit Down (Eric Bibb)
  4. Alien invaders (Al Bradbury)
  5. Lady of the Harbor (Joe Jencks)
  6. Odds on favorite (w: Yip Harburg, m: Pete Seeger)
  7. Quite Early Morning (Pete Seeger)
  8. Sonny’s Dream (Ron Hynes)
  9. Nobody’s Fault But Mine (Blind Willie Johnson)
  10. More Than Enough (Robb Johnson)
  11. Step by Step (Pete Seeger)
  12. Bountiful River (Pete Seeger)
  13. How Can We Sleep at Night (Lou & Peter Berryman)
  14. Accentuate the Positive (w: Johnny Mercer, m: Harold Arlen)
  15. I Am a Wanderer (Steve Earle)
  16. Old Devil Time (Pete Seeger)
  17. Somewhere to Begin (T.R.Ritchie)
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