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The Weavers

Song Videos

Along the Colorado Trail RA: Farm p. 69
Banks of Marble RUS: Rich p. 180
Crawdad RUS: Outdoors p. 151
Darlin' Corey RUS: Mountain p. 145
Deep Blue Sea RUS: Sea p. 200
Deep Blue Sea (John Bell) RUS: Peace p. 159
Don't You Weep After Me RUS: Spirituals p. 208
Drill Ye Tarriers Drill RUS: Work p. 254
E-ri-ee RUS: Travel p. 232
Eddystone Light RUS: Funny p. 71
Every Night When the Sun Goes In RUS: Hard p. 100
Follow the Drinkin' Gourd RUS: Freedom p. 59
Frozen Logger RUS: Men p. 137
Get Up and Go RUS: Time p. 223
Goodnight Irene RUS: Lullabies p. 132
Hay Una Mujer RUS: Struggle p. 215
Hush Li'l Baby RUS: Lullabies p. 133
I Know Where I'm Going RUS: Ballads p. 11
If I Had a Hammer RUS: Struggle p. 215
Jig Along Home RUS: Play p. 173
John B. Sails RUS: Sea p. 203
The Keeper RUS: Ballads p. 12
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine RUS: Time p. 225
Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream RUS: Peace p. 161
Lonesome Traveler RUS: Travel p. 234
Paddy on the Railway RUS: Travel p. 235
Pay me my money down RA: Seas p. 240
Roll On Columbia RUS: Farm p. 57
Round the bay of Mexico RA: Seas p. 240
Run Come See Jerusalem RUS: Sea p. 205
Si mi quieres escribir RA: Struggle p. 258
Sinner Man RUS: Spirituals p. 212
Sinner Man RUS: Spirituals p. 212
Sixteen Tons RUS: Mountain p. 149
So Long It's Been Good to Know Yuh RUS: Farm p. 57
Suliram RA: Lullabies p. 162
Two Brothers RUS: Peace p. 164
Tzena Tzena RUS: Creativity p. 27
Wasn't That a Time RUS: Struggle p. 220
When the Saints Go Marching In RUS: Spirituals p. 213
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